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The London Underground - also known popularly as The Tube - has trains that criss-cross London in the largest underground rail network anywhere in the world (it was also the first, the first section of the Metropolitan Line dates back to 1863). The Tube is an easy method of transport even for new visitors to London.

Tube maps are freely available from any station, most tourist offices and are prominently displayed throughout stations and in the back of most diaries. The Tube is made up of 11 lines each bearing a traditional name and a standard colour on the Tube map. Visitors should be aware, however, that the Tube map is actually a diagram and not a scaled map, making it misleading for determining the relative distance between stations as it makes central stations appear further apart and somewhat out of place - the most distant reaches of the Metropolitan Line for example are almost 40 miles from the centre of the city.


Trains run from around 5:30 AM to about 1 AM. This mode of transport is usually the fastest way to get from one part of London to the another, however for just one stop you are much better (and will be quicker) to walk. It can get extremely crowded during rush hours (7:30 AM - 10:0 0AM and 4:30 PM-7 PM). On warm days take a bottle of water with you and the temperatures can be extremely high.


109 journeys between Central London Tube stations are quicker by foot than Tube!